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Rules - [Updated 11/5/18]

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GENERAL DISCORD RULES We shouldn't need to post a manual on how to be a human being, so do your best to be respectful to other members. Please try to keep the discussion relevant to the channel you are in. For example, don't flood the #general channel with talk about another game, use #off-topic. The well-intentioned talk between users is fine but straight up bullying or harassment will not be allowed. We have zero allowance for: NSFW content (such as porn or gore). If you're not sure if something is NSFW then don't post it unless a moderator approves beforehand. Racism, sexism or other offensive chat. Offensive or obscene usernames. Violence or threats. Spam, or flooding the chat continuously. Personal attacks. We also don't allow: Posting other people's personal details without their permission. Making confidential conversations or chats public. Please don't post anything that has a good chance of being misread or taken in a bad way. If you see something you feel that has breached these rules please contact a moderator.

WARNINGS If moderators notice that a member is stepping out of line, we will issue a "warning". The warning allows the admin team to keep track of who's been naughty, and how often they've done it. If you are issued a warning: stay chill, have a think about why the warning was issued and modify your behavior in the future. Once a warning has been issued, it cannot be retracted.

BANS We really don't want to ban people. However, we won't hesitate to ban obvious troll accounts or members who repeatedly step out of line over a period of time. If you have been banned, we will welcome you back eventually, if you contact us. However, you'll need to be on your very best behavior when you come back.

INFORMATION #announcements - Server-wide announcements and where online/offline events are posted. #faqs - This is where frequently asked questions are answered if you have a simple question it may be answered here. #general - General discussion about anything and everything. #commands - The channel for sharing music with other users.

1) No spamming/adverting in the chat/server
2) No using Exploits or Hacked Clients to give your self an advantage in the game.
3) Do not ask staff for ranks or items.
4) Sending fake commands is not permitted and will be punished.
All these can change at any time!
Not open for further replies.